Dong Yeap Kang, O-joung Kwon, Torstein J.F. Strømme, Jan Arne Telle
PDF available: here
Archontia Giannopoulou, O-joung Kwon, Jean-Florent Raymond, Dimitrios M. Thilikos
WG 2016
Eun Jung Kim, O-Joung Kwon
IPEC 2015
Mamadou Kanté, Eun Jung Kim, O-joung Kwon, Christophe Paul
IPEC 2015
Coloring graphs without fan vertex-minors and graphs without cycle pivot-minors
Ilkyoo Choi, O-Joung Kwon, Sang-il Oum
Characterizing width two for variants of treewidth
Hans L. Bodlaender, Stefan Kratsch, Vincent Kreuzen, O-Joung Kwon, Seongmin Ok