Academic Activities

Editorial work:
Journal of Symbolic Logic (JSL)
I am an editor of the JSL where I handle papers in finite and computational model theory as well as other subjects related to model theoretical approaches to logic in computer science.
Programme Committees:
CSL 2015 (PC chair and organiser)
ESSLLII 2015 (PC member)
LCC 2014 (PC member)
ICALP 2013 (PC member)
CSL 2013 (PC member)
CSR 2013 (PC member)
Highlights 2013 (PC member)
Gandalf 2013 (PC member)
STACS 2012 (PC member)
FICS 2012 (PC member)
CiE 2012 (PC member)
LICS 2011 (PC member)
CSL 2011 (PC member)
Grasta 2011 (Organiser)
FLoC 2010 (book exhibit chair)
Games 2010 (Organiser)
LCC 2010 (PC co-chair)
ICALP Track B, 2009 (PC member)
MFCS 2009 (PC member)
LICS 2008 (PC member)
LPAR 2008 (PC member)
CSL 2007 (PC member)
Symposium on Applications of Constraint Databases (PC member)
Workshop Organisation: