Reading course (seminar): Quantitative Verification and Timed Automata

Dates and rooms

The reading course will be held in one block towards the end of the term. In a first meeting we will discuss possible topics and participants can then choose from the papers listed below.

The date of the initial meeting is Wednesday, 26th October 2011, Room FR 6079.


Model-checking has become a widely used and successful method for verifying reactive systems - such as hardware systems, controllers or communication protocols - and is increasingly used in the verification of software systems as well. Many current model-checkers focus on deciding whether a process meets a certain requirement such as responsiveness, fairness and similar properties which can either be true or false.

However, for many applications it is not only enough to verify that certain error states cannot be reached, but timing constraints become equally important. A typical example is the verification of electronic brake systems: it is not enough to certify that every time the driver uses the break pedal of his car, the car will eventually engage the breaks. Instead we usually want to verify that the break is engaged within a certain time span after the pedal has been pressed.

In this reading course we will study the fundamental methods developed for such verification tasks. More specifically, we will study automata models incorporating time constraints and associated timed logics. We will study the various models of time that can be used and the effects this has on complexity and applicability of quantitative model-checking.

Possible topics

  1. "A Theory of Timed Automata" by Alur and Dill
  2. "On the language inclusion problem for timed automata: Closing a decidability gap" by Ouaknine and Worrell
  3. Alur, Feder, Henzinger: The Benefits of Relaxing Punctuality. PODC 1991: 139-152
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  6. "Minimum-Cost Reachability for Priced Timed Automata" by Behrmann et al.
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