Computer Science Logic 2015
Berlin, 7-10 September 2015
Technische Universität Berlin


Computer Science Logic 2015 will be organised at Technische Universität Berlin.

The main lectures will all take place in the main university building "Hauptgebäude".

Hauptgebäude der Technischen Universität Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin

See Google Maps for a map showing its location (and a campus map).

See the TU Berlin Travel Information Page for details how to get there from the airports, the central station or by car.

TU Berlin Main Building Conference Venue


Registration and Coffee Breaks: room H 3005

Registration and coffee breaks will be in room H 3005.

When you face the main entrance of the main university building ("Hauptgebäude"), the room is on the third floor in the far right corner of the building. When you enter the building, do not take any of the lifts close to the main entrance. They will lead to a different part of the building and it is difficult to get from there to the lecture halls and social room.

Instead, turn right and walk down the hallway, then left before you walk through any other door, and then right again at the next possibility. You'll see the lifts taking you up to the social room on third floor.

Of course the way will be sign posted.

Alternatively, you can take the back entrace to the building which is right below the lecture halls.

Computer Science Logic (CSL): H 2013

The main lectures will be in room H 2013. The lecture hall is on the second floor, right below the social room where coffee breaks and registration will be. See the instructions above how to get there.

YuriFest: H 2013

YuriFest, see their webpage for information, will be in the lecture hall as CSL, i.e. room H 2013. See above for information how to get there.

Fixed Points in Computer Science (FICS): H 2053

The lectures for FICS, see their webpage for information, will be room H 2053. This is on the second floor in the far left corner of the main building, facing its main entrance. When you enter the main building, turn right and walk down the hallway, then before passing through any other door, turn left and then at the end of this hallway left again where you will find lifts leading to the second floor.

Annual Meeting of the GI Fachgruppe Logik (LogInf): H 2032

The lectures for LogInfo, see their webpage for information, will be room H 2032. This is on the second floor close to the lecture halls for CSL. See above for how to reach the CSL lecture hall and follow the sign posts there.


The main conference will take place between Monday 7 September 2015 and Thursday 10 September 2015. The satellite events will follow the main conference. See the programme for details. For details on the programme of the associated workshops, see their respective webpages.

Social Programme

Welcome Reception

On Monday evening there will be a welcome reception in room H 3005, including drinks and some food. This is the same room as the registration and coffee breaks.

Important: Please bring your badge, as you may be asked to show it to the porter.

Business Meeting

On Tuesday night there will be the EACSL business meeting.

Ackermann Award Ceremony

Wednesday before lunch we will have the Ackermann Award Ceremony. The EACSL Ackermann Award(s) will be presented and the recipient(s) will give a presentation. The ceremony will take place in the main CSL lecture hall.

Excursion and Conference Dinner

On Wednesday afternoon there will be an excursion to Potsdam, a small historic town near Berlin, where we will also have the conference dinner. Participants will be given the opportunity to visit Park Sanssouci and the famous palace within the park. Further information will be give at the conference itself.