9th workshop on GRAph Searching, Theory & Applications
Berlin, 24 - 27 September 2018
Technische Universität Berlin

Social Event

On Wednesday evening we will take a break for the social event of the workshop which will take us over most altitudes of Berlin that are reachable by foot. First, we will travel under the ground of Berlin as part of the organised excursion while, afterwards, we will climb 207 meters above ground level to enjoy the banquet.

To reach the underground levels of Berlin...

an excursion is organised at Berliner Unterwelten. There, during a guided tour, we will explore some of the city's underground bunkers.

To reach the highest altitude of Berlin...

after finishing our tour we will commute to Alexanderplatz where we will climb 207 meters above the city to the Sphere Restaurant of Fernsehturm (Berlin's famous Television Tower) to conclude the social event with a banquet.